Comparative analysis of price and cost of solar street lamp and municipal circuit lamp

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With the substantial reduction of the cost of solar panels, the improvement of battery performance and the popularization of LED light sources, the advantages of solar street lamps have become very obvious, equivalent to ordinary street lamps. The more complex the use conditions are, the longer the lighting time is, the more obvious its advantages will be. Basically, the cost can be recovered within 2 years. Moreover, there are many incomparable advantages: it is not necessary to dig soil ditches to lay electric wires, and each lamp can be installed after pouring cement foundation.
Each lamp is an independent lighting power generation system, which automatically turns on and off without special control; No conventional energy consumption; The explosion-proof safety factor is high. If there is a problem, you only need to repair the problem light and do not need to check the cables one by one. In addition, the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection is deeply rooted in people's minds, not only the economic account, but also the social benefits. From the current situation, as long as the local lighting conditions allow, solar street lamps have become the priority choice.
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