What will happen if the solar street light source has poor heat dissipation?

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For solar street lamps, heat dissipation is the most important. Poor heat dissipation will have a series of adverse effects on the use of street lamps. For example, LED light source converts electric energy into light source, but not all electric energy can be converted into light source, which should comply with the law of conservation. If it is surplus electric energy, it may be converted into heat energy.
If the heat dissipation structure of the solar street lamp is not properly designed, it cannot quickly remove the excess heat, which will cause a lot of heat to the solar street lamp and shorten the life of the solar street lamp. The temperature of the solar street light source will gradually rise, the resistance will be greater, the resulting current will be more and more, and the heat generated will be more and more. In this way, the LED light source will cause damage to electronic components due to overheating, resulting in failure.