What are the main aspects of solar street lamp quality?

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The type of light source used by solar street lamps will affect the service life of solar street lamps. Now, solar street lamps are commonly used as LED lamps. The service life of LED lamps generally exceeds 50000 hours, that is to say. LED light source product quality number, durability, high brightness, light source chip quality also determines the service life of the light source. The solar street lamp controller can be said to be the brain of the solar street lamp. All control systems are controlled by the solar street lamp. It can adjust the charge and discharge of the solar electronic panel, and also protect the solar led lamp holder, providing an effective and relatively stable working environment.
Therefore, a controller with stable performance and reliable quality will greatly extend the service life of solar street lamps. In the past, the battery is generally divided into two types, one is lithium iron phosphate, and the other is colloidal battery. At present, the service life Z of colloidal battery used in China is less than 5 years, while the low service life Z of lithium battery is 6 years, so lithium battery is basically used to replace colloidal battery.