How to choose a suitable solar street lamp controller?

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What is the role of solar street lamp controller? Today, Xiaobian will tell you about it. As a professional solar street lamp manufacturer, we produce solar street lamp controller, lithium battery, solar panel and so on. Many customers don't know much about the composition of solar street lamp. Today, I will tell you in detail:
1) Device selection
In terms of the selection of devices, there are currently single-chip microcomputers and comparators. There are many schemes, each with its own characteristics and advantages. The corresponding scheme should be selected according to the needs of the customer group, which will not be detailed here.
2) Surface treatment
This series of products adopts the new technology of electrostatic coating, mainly based on FP professional building materials coating, which can meet the customers' requirements for the coordination of product surface color and environment. At the same time, the products have high self-cleaning property, strong corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and are suitable for any climatic environment. The processing process is designed to be coated on the basis of hot-dip galvanizing, which greatly improves the product performance and meets the requirements of Z strict AAMA2605.2005. Other indicators have met or exceeded the relevant requirements of GB.
3) Charging trickle protection
When the battery is charged by Yijia solar panel, if the battery continues to charge at high voltage after reaching the peak voltage, it is easy to cause water loss or loss of control of the battery; If the charging is stopped, the battery cannot be saturated. This controller immediately depresses by 1V after charging to the peak voltage, and then enters the trickle charging state, which ensures that the battery can be stable in full state, while avoiding water loss or loss of control. It is similar to cycling charging the battery, which not only effectively protects the battery, but also increases the charging times of the battery, and has a longer service life.