Design features of solar street lamp

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A number of solar street lamps in Xiamen have been successfully installed and lit. Today, the editor of Jieyao Lighting will introduce the design features of solar street lamps.
1. Adopt low-power microprocessor control technology;
2. Use the control technology of fast charging floating charge to fully use solar energy to charge the battery;
3. The MOSFET with low loss and long life is used as the main switch device of the controller;
4. It has a variety of protection functions, including reverse connection of battery and solar battery, open circuit of battery, overcharge and discharge of battery, overvoltage and overcurrent of load, and anti-reverse charging at night;
5. The discharge process corrected by the charge and discharge curve of the battery eliminates the inaccuracy of the simple voltage-controlled over-discharge and completely conforms to the inherent characteristics of the battery;
6. With temperature compensation function;
7. The power consumption of the controller shall not exceed 1% of its rated charging current;
8. The voltage drop of charging or discharging through the controller shall not exceed 5% of the rated voltage of the system;
9. When the battery is removed from the circuit, the controller can withstand an impact 1.25 times higher than the nominal open-circuit voltage of the solar cell module within 1 hour;
10. It has optional wireless or wired communication function to facilitate monitoring and control;
11. Voltage levels include DC12V/24V and AC110V/220V;
12. Special sealing treatment, waterproof and moisture-proof.
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